Monday, July 29, 2013

What's In Your Front Yard?

Growing up I lived in a home where the most defining feature was the huge maple tree in the front yard. My bedroom window looked out at the front yard and not only did the tree provide our home with shade, it hid my window from the road so that I felt as though I was in my own private garden as I looked out the window. As I fell asleep the sound of the breeze through the leaves helped me nod off and in the summer I would sit below it and read book after book. 

On a world scale trees are crucial for more than just sentimental reasons. The environmental benefits of having trees is immeasurable. They help to clean the air. They help to intercept airborne particles, and can help to reduce heat. Trees can absorb materials that are detrimental to the environment and help to reduce pollution. Trees also help to regulate carbon dioxide. The world is a living organism itself, while supporting the billions of organisms housed within it. In order to support this life the air needs to be healthy. Although emissions get higher and higher, trees help to maintain our life-sustaining home. 

In urban and residential contexts, trees serve purposes beyond purely environmental. Everyone knows the appeal of sitting under a tree for shade and this cooling ability can help lessen the impact of heat and sun on homes. A well-shaded home will stay cooler in the summer, lowering the need for air conditioning. 
Living in a large city, I personally feel the effects of noise pollution daily. The sounds associated with living in the city seem to fade away when surrounded by trees, and the calmness is not purely imagined. Trees help to lessen noise pollution as well as atmospheric, so they are incredibly beneficial when living in a densely populated neighbourhood. 
There is a certain nostalgic appeal to a tree-lined street. The colours are dazzling in the fall and in the summer, the trees create a canopy over the road turning an everyday stroll into something magical. As Toronto enters a buyer’s market for homes, and as tall glass condos become more ubiquitous, having a well maintained front yard can be the best way to make your home stand out. There are always opportunities to increase property value both inside and outside the home, but your home’s curb appeal is your home’s first impression. It is how you set the stage for who you are as homeowners and for how others may envision themselves as part of the neighbourhood. 

In this urban and residential context, tree services and landscaping are crucial because professionals are often needed to help homeowners get the most benefit from their space.  As an important part of the ecosystem, trees need particular attention. Specialized tree services can help to identify any potential problems that may arise, such as the health of the tree or soil, and the structural integrity of the tree itself. Furthermore, they can help to care for and maintain trees that have been alive longer than any of us, or provide advice on planting and growing a young tree so that it will continue to grow for decades. When it's time for trees to go, these services ensure that removal is done safely and with as little impact on the surrounding area as possible. A front or back yard can be a blank canvas, and though tree services and landscaping, this canvas can be filled and perfected. 

It is crucial for homeowners to understand the potential that trees can bring as part of their homes. With the help and advice of tree service professionals, the health and integrity of trees is ensured. 

Though I personally live in one of those tall glass condos, I look forward to the day I once again have a front yard with a tree in the middle of it. This post was inspired by Alberta Arborists, Complete Professional Tree Care

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