Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Books in Progress

I've started work on my book project. I'm getting excited to see the final product (I have a loose idea of how it will turn out, but you never know) And I'm excited to have a one week deadline to get all six books completed by. For some reason I seem to lack initiative until there's a deadline looming.

Here are the pages for the six small book all folded and ready to be filled, covered, and stitched. I'm currently in the process of "storyboarding" how each will go, but it's a pretty loose process. I tend to believe I'm at my creative best when I fly by the seat of my pants...

I'll get into what the books will actually be in greater detail since I was a little vague in my last post. Each of the six books will be a little snapshot of some aspect of my personality or current circumstances. As I mentioned, the project is autobiographical (which is very new ground for me) but as per usual in my work reality will be a little embellished.
Each book will begin with "portrait of the artist" on the cover with the first inner page revealing what aspect of my life will be portrayed in the book. I also have a feeling there will be more text than illustration though, of course, there will be images in each book.

When I have one or more finished, I'll post. And they'll all be done and ready to go by next Wednesday morning.

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